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Pull is a networking app that helps you digitally connect with the people you’ve met in real life.

Proximity Based Intelligence

Pull recognizes the people you’ve met in real life,

then gives you the option to add them to your contacts with a single tap.

stop fumbling with your phone

No more stacks of business cards to manually enter. Just tap and go

Add or reject contacts

To exchange contact information, both parties must select yes,

so your info is only shared with the people you offer it to.

Customize what you share.

Met some new friends? Set your contact info to feature Facebook. At a business conference? Lead with your email and LinkedIn.

No matter what you’re doing, you can share the information most appropriate for the occasion.

Pull is always with you.

Who was that business contact I met last Thursday night? With Pull, you can literally retrace your steps and

see where you were and whom you were with — even exchange contact information with them long after you’ve met.

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